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Our country, Mauritius, due the Wakashio disaster has faced terrible challenges in recent months that have affected the most precious thing we have - our ocean and our blue lagoons. And, unfortunately, such disasters are not an isolated incident and occur regularly in the world.

Further to this event, one month after the Wakashio disaster, we had mass death of more than 50 melon headed whales in the same region and this showed us even more the urge to undertake real actions!


The coastal waters of Mauritius are home to a population of sperm whales all year round, humpback whales come every year to mate, give birth and feed their calves, and there are also a dozen species of small cetaceans.

The stability of the local population of cetaceans and the desire of migratory species to remain in Mauritius waters from year to year is one indicator of the health and resilience of the coastal ecosystem on which the entire island depends.

And our shared responsibility is to protect these species and their habitats for us and for our children.


??? What can we do to protect

- compile maps of areas of vulnerability - areas where cetaceans live or are often visited, which are feeding, mating and nursing grounds;

- to ask the authorities to limit potentially hazardous activities to the environment in these areas, including speed limits for ships, a ban on the passage through these areas of ships carrying potentially dangerous goods and / or using harmful fuels.


!!! How can we do this

- carry out a comprehensive study of the habitats and movements of cetaceans around the whole of Mauritius, through systematic observations: 10-day observation trips around the island every 2-3 months for several years;

- each trip will bring invaluable knowledge about the species and quantitative composition of cetaceans and their routes of movement. The regularity of trips over several years will provide a complete picture, taking into account the seasonality, and will give an understanding of the dynamics.

We will make the first expedition in October 2020.

The report will be available to the public.


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